emotions gathered on a page

Sisters love

A perfect storm, a family born
An option that betrays a heart
Scorned and sharp, painfull
Caress the love is not real
A sister depressed , crazy and nuts
Oh what have we become
Animals in a jungle , defend what is yours
You have nothing but anger
Resentment, i have more i have eyes that see a
heart that feels, i have words to deliver
I am real , i belong in any place , i dont cry from disgrace
I am free , i have what is yours, what is ours , we all share a piece
Day by day u go more mad, driven by control , u will never comprehend happiness in the end,


A river a fish, a place to piss

A sound loud , a scream 

about a boy in a dream

who grows to be a man

punished by society, freedom banned

speaks softly from afar

tender eyes brown and big

a smile so perfectly placed

lips curved in denial upon his face

a grace his walk defined

a place deep in his chest , pounding 

a heart of desire , i dreamt to devour

its only a bank

To be a criminal is unjust , but rightous wayz kill the weak…..A criminal with heart dont hurt or cause pain. They are the smartest to gain. The wealth hidden deep a mastermind in disguise. A way to survive , have a life others live . Not born into it . not a talker to talk your way in to it. no rich relative to send you funds. NO just  you and your brain, A thought a scheme delivered , patient and waiting . Its there before your eyes . A place thats easy. far out and away. time is on your side. do you have the guts to get your glory. will your gut stop you in the name of all thats holy. this is wrong very wrong. but is it truly. If its easy no one gets hurt should it be done. the heart will disconnect from the brain demanding justice. The brain is coy defeating all that could be. greed is power and the poor suffer . this is unjust the brain screams. 

middle phase

the life that lives

beyond measure

falls to glory,of pain and 

pleasure, a gift

a notion a freedom

spoken, spiritual

claims, deep passion

to bring forth another

day undone, anew a 

journey sail. founded

drifted and bound  delivered

to a shore, cleansing right

to be pure.reborn captured

smiling, laughter in the sun

friendly heartbreak

Shimmering windows gaze, As I sit afar looking out the glass, Wondering how you got so sad, How your lost inside .wounded .desperate.and afraid. ,My friend who calls out a cry from the other side , I did not know you could sit so long in the window shade. Never thinking of me when I’m in need. I reach up to the glass.Wondering what took you so long. Pushing away the dust that began to collect over time. If he takes you back for more pain , Am I to sit and watch from the other side , wondering if I ever really had a friend , I wont tear out your eyes or break the glass. I will simply close the shade. For I will never let know man decide my fate.

Mr. Blackstone , end of part 1

The week past by like a glimpse of light falling out of the sky, I was in the bathroom fixing my hair , when i noticed it all along my dark long wavy hair my green eyes round and curious,my cute little girl round face .I was him he is me ..we are the same . we even have the same crooked smile , Ive fallin hard for this man but in reality Ive fallin for myself , Is this the same reason he has fallin for me .

Copyright © 2014 by Jeanann Foster and John Coleman. All rights reserved. No part of this text may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, reposting, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without express written permission of the author.

Mr.Blackstone 1&2 parts

This whole story Mr.Blackstone Copyright © 2014 by Jeanann Foster and John Coleman. All rights reserved. No part of this text may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, reposting, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without express written permission of the author.


I stare in the mirror realizing my moment and thoughts of insanity. I never slept with Henry I was good , and he was a perfect gentleman. I yell back . “I will be right there” just freshing up, When i come out he has 1 red rose sitting on my side of the table for me ..how amazing this guy is. On my plate layed out to profection is a very neat western omlette and orange juice in my glass i take a quick sip of juice. and then to began to ask him things, “so Henry what is your favorite song ” well he says hey jude by the beatles” wow i reply mine too..so i think in my head is this real is he real .i pinch my legg under the table.  After breakfast I insist i wash the dishes and he demands we do it together so I comply , I dont think i could ever say no to this man.. I say no to everyone all the time .. Im known to be the no lady. I feel something within me that has already started to change . what im feeling the way I m thinking . its been one day i feel as if i woke up in a different time zone , ten years in the future . I look over at him and say , “All done, now what we gonna do” First thing is we need to take you by your place and I want you to pack a weeks worth of clothes , miranda would you stay the week with me .. no job just me and you being together really getting to know eachother” He asks   “Is this really happening?” I ask. He turns to me, then gazes into my eyes and for a moment I can feel our souls smiling. A warm, potent sensation flows within me, like a lake overflowed from a warm spring rain fall. All the beauty I could conjure, all the joys I’ve ever felt, over flowed. I became, serene. The magnetic intensity which drew Henry to me, would never cease, not even in death. In this moment, I knew him for all he was, all he would ever become. This stranger, this magnificent man, was my miracle. He glowed to me, like a supernova, bursting with life, energy, and love. The radiance he shown could only be seen by my wandering eyes. I wonder Mr. Henry, do you believe me? Just then, a soft “Yes” escapes his vocals. “Let’s go get my stuff.”

Mr. Blackstone

I fell asleep in his arms on the sofa. I awoke in his bed realizing I slept in my clothes my hair was a mess. I didnt really care. all my thoughts were Where is Henry . He wasnt there next to me I heard some banging in the other room. I quietly stepped into the kitchen he was making me breakfast . he had Pj bottoms on and no shirt. I stood there for ever with my jaw dropped . He was hot …Im talking steaming . he noticed me standing there and walked over and put his hand behind my neck and pulled me to him and kissed me softly on my forehead.  I felt a jolt as he pulled away. I began to question this randomness. Why had I gone with a complete stranger? Why had I slept with him? I should know better. I have done this before, and it always ends badly. I drank so much rum and coke, this is indecent. Spontaneity of this sort is not lady like. I must somehow mask the extreme discomfort I’m feeling. My heart is palpitating, I feel like I’m over heating, my breathing is changing, and I have a myriad number of thoughts racing. I’m growing frantic. Should I devise an excuse? Which one would be good enough to use? “Henry, where’s your bathroom?” He looks over at me with those green, soulful eyes. “Just down the hall, to the left.” Lust, is this all this is? I rush to the bathroom, and lock the door behind me. I move briskly to the sink, to splash my face with cold water. Who is this Henry? There’s almost nothing in this desolate house. I’m curious, but I should remain precautious. Not of him, but of me. I seem to take things over the line. My heart, it won’t slow. (Knock, knock) “Breakfast is ready.” In his tone I could somehow tell he was second guessing yesterday evening, as was I. .